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Windows & Doors

When a Homeowner calls the lumber yard and says my windows are leaking, the representative for the window manufacturer is called to inspect the window.  99% of the time, there is nothing wrong with the window, but rather the installation of the window.  That’s where Janacek Remodeling steps in.  Tim Janacek has joined a select group of certified window and door “InstallationMasters™” installers for new construction and remodeling projects. He attended an intensive training course conducted by InstallationMasters™ –accredited instructors during which the installers had to demonstrate competency by passing a written test designed to assess the knowledge they gained during the training course. Once they passed the test they became certified InstallationMasters™ installers.

janacek-construction-window-enlargement-before janacek-construction-window-enlargement-after
Window Enlargement Before
Window Enlargement After

Existing windows were replaced with beautiful leaded glass to add a stunning feature to the space.

janacek-construction-damaged-windows Poorly installed or damaged windows can create serious problems. Replacing them before additional problems arise is always cost-effective.