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When a Homeowner calls the lumber yard and says my windows are leaking, the representative for the window manufacturer is called to inspect the window.  99% of the time, there is nothing wrong with the window, but rather the installation of the window.  That’s where Janacek Remodeling steps in.

Tim Janacek has joined a select group of certified window and door “InstallationMasters™” installers for new construction and remodeling projects. He attended an intensive training course conducted by InstallationMasters™ –accredited instructors during which the installers had to demonstrate competency by passing a written test designed to assess the knowledge they gained during the training course. Once they passed the test they became certified InstallationMasters™ installers.

Certified Window and Door Installation

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New Window Installation

Door Installation

New Door Installation

Home Improvement

home improvement
Existing windows replaced with beautiful leaded glass to add a stunning feature to your home or office.

Damaged Window

Window Damaged Due To Poor Installation
Poorly installed or damaged windows can create serious problems. Replacing them before additional problems arise is always cost-effective.
Window and door installation masters

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