Room Additions

Room Additions

Need more space? A larger family room?
Maybe extra space in your kitchen?
How about a bed and bath remodel?

Most houses contain a surprising amount of space that can be altered or adapted to fit your family’s needs. Room additions are a common home improvement. Adding square footage alleviates the challenge of needing more space while not prompting a move. Some people build room additions to gain the benefit of space they want, whether they need it or not. In addition, homeowners build room additions to build equity in their homes.

Room additions can be excellent equity-building improvements, but they can also be high-risk investments. If you build the right type of addition, you can recover most of your cash investment. If increased equity or space is your goal, then adding a room addition to your home can increase your equity by thousands of dollars and give you that extra space you need.

A Successful Room Addition Adds Beauty As Well As Space

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Project 1

room-additions-sun room-exterior room-additions-sunroom interior

Project 2

room-additions-garage-before room-additions-garage-after

Before After

Project 3

room-additions-lodge room to barn room-additions-2-small

Project 4

room-additions-1-small room-additions-2-small

Before After

Project 5

room-additions-1-small room-additions-2-small room-additions-3-small

Project 6

room-additions-4-small room-additions-5-small room-additions-6-small room-additions-7-small

Project 7

room-additions-4-small room-additions-5-small room-additions-6-small room-additions-7-small

Whether you are contemplating a room addition out of necessity or desire, turning your design ideas into reality requires a good professional contractor. Janacek Remodeling can help turn your dreams into reality and assist you in determining the best solution for your “cramped” living space.

What types of room additions should you consider? Bedrooms, bathrooms, family rooms and dining rooms are some of the most common types of room additions. Not only are full room additions worth considering, but also you might want to look at your options for expanding your kitchen for example.

The benefit of a room addition is that, with the right addition, you can add value to your home in an amount greater than your expense. Building a room addition to your home can make the house easier to sell. If you plan to sell your house, this can be a great advantage.

We have the experience and capability to make your current home feel like a new home with simple or complex room additions.

Whatever your needs are, Janacek Remodeling can help you in many ways. We create the additional space your family needs. Our goal is your satisfaction of a job well done — guaranteed!