You've Got Questions? We've Got Answers!

Everyone has questions about the remodeling process. Some people have experienced building their own home, but having a remodeling job site in your own home is a different story. Check out the FAQs below on how the remodel will affect your life and other questions you may not have thought about.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?
Just give us a call at our office number, 479.621.0565 and we can re-schedule an appointment that better suits your needs.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Janacek Remodeling gladly accepts checks, cash and most major credit cards (additional fees may apply).
How long does it take a room addition to complete?
This is a great question that we are often asked. Room additions vary based on the complexity of the addition (kitchen and bathroom or a simple office). A small addition (400 sqft) may take 8-10 weeks, while a large addition, (1,500 sqft) could take 6-8 months.
Do your projects stay on budget of go over/under?

Janacek Remodeling offers two options to address the financial aspects of our clients’ projects.
Option 1: Cost Plus Contracts, also referred to as “time & materials,” provide Owners with maximum flexibility while allowing us to monitor the renovation project’s weekly expenses. This type of contract is suitable when there is a lack of clarity in the design or a sense of urgency. Additionally, for complex remodeling projects where providing an accurate estimate is challenging, a Cost Plus contract becomes necessary. Hourly charges are also applicable to handyman projects and minor repairs. Under Cost Plus contracts, we provide you with a weekly invoice detailing the project’s activities and materials used, enabling you to stay updated on the progress. Many of our clients appreciate the flexibility offered by Cost Plus contracts, as it eliminates the need to wait for estimates for every Change Order during the project.

  • Option 2: Fixed Price Contracts – We provide the service of offering a comprehensive and accurate remodeling estimate for your project based on complete construction documents, including drawings and specifications. Achieving a clear understanding of the final outcome requires alignment among all parties involved, which may involve the assistance of a draftsman, interior designer, or architect, or a combination thereof.

While our price may be higher compared to other remodeling contractors, opting for a Fixed Price Contract ensures that you have a precise understanding of the remodeling project cost and the final result. All details and requirements will be covered in the construction documents, mitigating any surprises or disappointments at the project’s completion. In essence, we adhere to the established budget for Fixed Price projects.

Clients are welcome to make changes to their projects at any point, and we will execute a Change Order to provide a clear understanding of any additional costs associated with the modifications. While it is rare, there is a possibility of additional costs due to unforeseen repairs, such as damage from rot or insects.

What about my pets?
Janacek Remodeling does our best to help keep your family pets inside their protected cage or fenced area. If a room addition or back porch remodel requires removing fences, we can install temporary fencing to help keep your pets safe.
Who will be working on my home?
Janacek Remodeling employs a variety of individuals who we like to refer to as “Jack-of-all-trades”. Our employees are capable of handling most all aspects of your remodeling projects. When a specific task is outside of our scope of abilities, or could be done much faster, we will incorporate “Trade Partners” into the project who will help complete the project to your satisfaction. We believe in using the right people for the job, not necessarily the cheapest.
How long does it take for a bathroom or kitchen remodel to complete?
Due to their nature, bathrooms and kitchens can sometimes take longer than expected. If the cabinets are custom built, we often have to wait for them to be designed and built. Often, we try to wait until the cabinets are completely built before even starting the job. Sometimes this is not always possible. Countertops are another area than can often take 2-4 weeks to fabricate and may cause “dead days” in the project. If the faucets or other plumbing fixtures need to be ordered, additional delays can sometimes be expected. Simple bathroom remodels can usually be completed in a 6-8 week time frame. Kitchen Remodels are usually 8-12 weeks.


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